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I'm a deep philosopher/theoretician as well as a cutting-edge systems designer. I'm not a salesman. If the actual technology doesn't sell itself to people who are interested in joining a startup team with me in Florida, then that just means that I've got more thinking and hacking to do.


A new kind of local *nix-y operating system that happens to be written in Javascript, and delivered via the HTTP protocol from an instance of Google's python app engine.


During the "bootup" sequence and application loading, the relevant Javascript modules are first looked for in their expected locations in the local, sandboxed HTML5 file system. If that search fails, the module is fetched from the server and stored in its proper place. When everything is cached, users can be completely offline, and things should work out swimmingly.


The web can use a solid platform for those who are seriously interested in client-side applications development, either online or off. Of course, typical kinds of desktop applications can be developed (like 2D/3D games, multimedia editors and players, particularly using WebAssembly), but the real excitement comes from using this technology as an intelligent router for various physical input and output devices, via APIs such as Gamepad, WebMIDI, WebUSB, and WebBluetooth.


Philosophical Introduction

Playing Video Games

Just Chillin' Out (Short version, about 20 minutes)

Just Chillin' Out (Long version, about 80 minutes)